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Educational Program

Our mission is to foster the holistic development of children from an early age, encompassing their social, linguistic, motor, and cognitive skills. We achieve this through experiential learning, encompassing play, music, art, and physical activities, all while adhering to the educational guidelines set by the Ministry of Family. Stablishing a consistent routine by our educators helps children navigate time, anticipate upcoming events, and seamlessly transition between activities. This approach also cultivates a sense of emotional security for the children.

Furthermore, aiming to create synergy among diverse groups and children of all ages, our pedagogical counselor selects a comprehensive monthly theme for the daycare. This theme is embraced by all, tailored to different levels, encouraging teamwork, fostering a sense of belonging, and helping children establish connections and recognition among their peers. Les enfants, par leur implication spontanée et dirigée, créés un attachement et une reconnaissance envers leur pair.

The collaboration between our educators, parents, and the educational daycare supervisor cultivates a serene environment for children to thrive in. To facilitate this, we employ a secure and comprehensive mobile application that enables private, fast, and efficient communication through message, photo, and video exchange.

Lastly, a parent advisory committee is elected every year, wherein five members can engage in discussions with the educational daycare supervisor regarding the implementation of the educational program. Topics covered include the acquisition and use of educational materials and equipment, spatial layout and furnishings, services provided, and complaint resolution. The insights from these discussions are then shared with all other parents.

Enfin, des activités ludiques parents-enfants seront animées par un professionnel en plein air tout le long de l’année, ce qui favorisera l’ouverture vers les autres et l’esprit de communauté.


The meals we provide adhere to the Canadian Food Guide including two daily snacks and a warm lunch.

We consider each child’s individual needs through attentive catering services that accommodate special dietary requirements and allergies.

Mealtime offers opportunities for children to explore new flavours, textures, and aromas, fostering linguistic and motor development. We encourage Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) in the infant class to promote self-feeding and develop their independence.

Motor Skills Room

Children have the privilege of accessing a motor skills room where they engage in a variety of activities such as music, theatre, yoga, and various sports led by educators or specialized instructors.

Our motor skills room is equipped to promote movement and enhance fine and gross motor skills for all age levels. It’s a space where emotional, cognitive, and social capacities of children are stimulated.

Outdoor Playground

In our spacious outdoor playground, children will discover an array of games and play structures that enrich their imagination, enhance their movement abilities, and strengthen their social sphere. Additionally, outdoor activities encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.